Client: Model
Completion: 2008

The loft is located in a former factory of the Škoda Automobile Works. The construction of the first five storeys of the building is made of reinforced concrete; the last two storeys are made of mounted steel.
The client requested a complete study of the loft.
The loft is a maisonette with a total area of 200 m2.
There is a hall, study, living space, toilet, kitchen and closet in the lower section.
A bathroom, open private space with a gallery, winter garden and bedroom are on the upper floor.
The client selected a floor made of teak and terrazzo. She had the incorporation of succulent plants into the interior as a special requirement.

Floors – the predominant part of the floors is made of blocks of teak, in-situ terrazzo is used in the upper bathroom, garden and living room.
In addition to the terrazzo floor, the shower stall's tub in the bathroom is also cast.
The parapet in the living room, water wall with a fountain in the garden and walled flower boxes are from terrazzo as well.

Colours – with regard to the softness and colour of the grass and gingko leaves in the translucent walls, the teak in the floors and the light-beige terrazzo, I propose resolving the colouring at the time the space will be walled. The material in the furniture is also mostly teak with the addition of light-beige lamina – in the cabinets. The other spaces are very interconnected and the furniture and carpet also provide the colour.
I propose contrasting the colour of the bedrooms along with the upper hall and study. The colours should be in shades of brown or beige, which will go well with the teak.

Moroccan stucco – I recommend using Moroccan stucco in the bathrooms instead of classic tiles.
In the lower bathroom it should be slightly yellowish-green with the addition of a glass mosaic on the base of the toilet and bidet.
The dominant feature of the bathroom will be the mirror.
The main materials in the upper bathroom are terrazzo on the floor, teak as the mirror frame, washbasin counter with a cabinet and grate for the shower stall.
The translucent wall with moulded grasses is a very dominant feature, so adding tiles in these combinations is not recommended. Moroccan stucco, this time in a terrazzo colour, will be used once again.

Kitchens - these are from white glazing varnish for the upper and lower kitchens with white stone counters.

Windows – these will be furnished with white blinds in white spaces; we propose curtains only for the drawing room and bedrooms.

The girders and steel construction of the loft will be sanded down, treated by a fireproof coating and then coated with a final white paint.
The other steel components (handrails, tracks for the sliding doors, bathroom accessories, kitchen components – baseboards, oven, fixtures, knobs…) will be of brushed steel.

Loft A 12

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