Client: Miroslav Kadlec
Completion: 2008

Mr. Kadlec requested a proposal for the reconstruction of the dilapidated house in the village of Střeva.
The client’s plan was to subsequently sell or rent the house.
Even in spite of this business interest, he realised something very important after consultation.
To slightly increase the opening for the windows so that they still looked repaired and suit the classical simple houses like we know them from the original Czech villages.
Thus there are double wooden windows with separate windowpanes.
The price for this type of window was considerably higher than that for the classic euro windows.
But in the owner's words, what it brought to the entire house is far more than the amount invested in them.
I proposed French windows on the other side of the house in order to connect the inhabitants of the house with the beautiful garden behind the house and to add more light to the interior spaces, which were previously grey and dank.
The owner approached the reconstruction sensitively and thus we managed to turn a dilapidated pessimistically-looking house into a space that invites you to have a pleasant time inside and in the garden.

Reconstruction of Building in Střeva

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