Client: architect and academic painter
Completion: 2005

Construction – combined, wood with timber work, Ytong outer wall

The house is a realisation of the Architect Špaček in the countryside by the Slapy reservoir
The house was originally to have been used as a recreational facility for two, though ultimately the owner lives in it year round.
A small wooden cottage originally stood on the land.
This was used for the foundation of the structure when constructing the new building.
The owner did not have to conform to the regulatory plan of the nearby village, with which it is not in visible contact, and because he wanted a light, well-lit structure that is as simple as possible, he chose a wooden box with a single pitch roof that can be perfectly closed with large roll-up shutters. The rooms are open to the countryside in the south and east walls, the remaining walls have less window openings.
On the ground floor, the room is extended by a wide terrace, on the upper floor by a balcony which, in the summer, also serves as an effective solar screen. The western wall was approached by two tall trees, a larch and Douglas fir, which now effectively enter into the house by the window. The interior design is well arranged and spatially economical.
The outside blinds, that partially admit light and provide those inside with at least an idea of what is going on outside, are a significant decorative element in and of themselves.
Apart from the floors and ceilings, the rooms represent another large wooden space.
The basic colour of wood is then supplemented with the colours of white and grey and steel as well, used, for example, on the pleasantly light and open staircase, where it is hung on the vertical construction under the skylight.
The garden is more like a meadow and in the future, possibly, like a forest (pine, beech and larch seedlings have been planted here).

Family house by Slapy

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