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The elements of original Czech architecture and the materials that our grandfathers and great-grandfathers used to build with were in most cases functional and of a high quality.
In our day and age we only sporadically encounter truly original high-quality village architecture. They are usually houses with their original barns and granaries that have been aggressively rebuilt or have fallen into ruin.
This situation is surely the result of several factors, such as war and the impossibility to pass on traditions, the regime and the related forced eviction from manors, houses and chateaus to which people had a strong personal relation, new lifestyles with all the technical comforts, a child’s memory of dirty, muddy, crumbling yards.
I understand that there is a lot that disturbed how the Czech village and town are perceived.
Nevertheless I think that a wide range of original elements are beautiful and functional and it would be a shame to waste the knowledge of a feeling for the golden section – the structural form, natural materials, natural ventilation system and heating methods in many fine original buildings. 
Just like the original urbanism, which came out of the surrounding nature, the direction of the wind, the sun and the correlation of the people in the villages or towns, their daily needs create a functional whole, fountains on village squares and greens, paths, alleys, chapels….
It is rare in this day and age that buildings are constructed where the wise owners realise the relation with nature and the surroundings, because that reflects the relation to themselves. Or to partially combine the possibilities of today’s technology and real knowledge with that which is of a high quality from the past.
 I would really like to create such architecture.

Inspiration from Czech Folk Architecture

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